A conversational interface for cooking

Lora is a concept for a conversational interface to learn how to cook and experiment in the kitchen through dialogue. Lora's purpose is to be an educational tool to help you build a new skill, feel confident in the kitchen, and encourage you to cook more often. 

Concepted during my Human Factors class, the focus was to understand the cognitive constraints that designers need to consider when creating interfaces and products.


Lack of time and the right resources are causing many failures when people try to cook food, thus leaving them discouraged. With access to the right information in the right moments, people will make better food choices and be more successful at cooking delicious meals.

Ask — Practice — Experiment 



Driven by questions

Designing a system of conversation, where the user and the system take turns. Teaching the user to ask, especially in those micro-moments when your hands are sticky from the egg whites. 

Using the plethora of How-To content generated and viewed everyday, Lora can guide you through those steps as and when you perform them.


"As you get closer to the anthropomorphic end of the scale, user expectations grow tremendously. Instantly, people expect it to understand and do more."

Laura Klein, Designing for Voice Interfaces.

Designing Pathways 

1. Learning how to execute a task with descriptions.

2. Understanding materials & their alternatives.

3. Understanding 'why' you're doing a task.

4. Error Path, Troubleshooting on the go.


Building habits

Using things you already know, and are familiar with. Providing you with recipes that help you build your skills, for example, chopping up some garlic. Garlic is used in so many dishes, and the more you repeat that action, the more familiar and comfortable you become with it.


Starting small

Increasing Complexity


Repetition to instill confidence


Optimizing on time

We often don't resort to cook, especially if we're not cooking every day because of the time it takes. The time it takes to figure something, whether it's the recipe, how to julienne something, or the substitute ingredients for the things we don't have. 

We envision Lora to use machine learning, your google calendar, pinterest boards, and previous progress to help you navigate these situations faster. 


Prototype, prototype, prototype

We had a ton of fun thinking about icons, gradient highlights, and direction of direction of photography. Developing a visual language that's reusable but also understandable early on really helped our team stay focused and unified. 


Chai Prototyping



Resulted in a need to include an effective turn taking mechanism to ensure flow in conversation.


Voice Personas 


Dialogueflow with my Google Mini


Alex Sander


10 weeks