Iceberg — A workout network

A community for recreational enthusiasts to share and learn from each other and a workout marketplace for health and wellness professionals to turn their everday workouts & programs into a membership business.

Designing for motivated users

Focusing on two user groups — a regular user and an intermediate user but more importantly for people that are motivated to work out and are passionate about their journey to a healthier self. We had to look at individual details, redefine setting and achieving goals, and also stay away from reminders.


Workouts for everyone

Weekly workout calendar allows you to acknowledge small achievements and focus on what's next. Recent workouts to quickly remember or repeat a previous workout. Use of playlists to save, create, and share a combination of workouts. 


Insights for trainers

Daily Workout Data for trainers and professionals to create a channel for communication between different kinds of users through data to better understand the user base.


Weekly workout calendar allows you to acknowledge small achievements and focus on what's next.


"Everything is all over the place. You need one app to keep track of your progress, another for your food intake, and yet another for inspiration."

Samuel Boyd, 28


Modular Elements

We had a ton of fun thinking about icons, gradient highlights, and direction of direction of photography. Developing a visual language that's reusable but also understandable early on really helped our team stay focused and unified. 


A playful brand

We created Iceberg for people to 'bring the heat'. An eclectic mix of playful, fire, and unparalelled energy. Oranges for workouts, purple for people, and blue for everything else in between.


Iterating, prototyping

We designed many iterations of screens, alternating between each other, and testing paper as well as mid-fidelity prototypes with users. 



Faten Almukhtar 
Laura Renteria


6 weeks