An abundance of clothes

For my Information Architecture class this quarter, I decided to quantify and keep track of my abundance — a collection of clothing I own but never wear. 



I collected data for two weeks consisting of a plethora of data sets. Types of fabric, total clothes I use in a day, how different pieces of clothing make me feel, how many navy clothes I own, how many clothes I try on before I decide on an outfit, and what influences my outfit for the day are just a few data sets that I collected. 


Initial Sketches

These are a few initial sketches of how I wanted to represent the data that I had collected. I wanted to focus on the changes that I made in a specific day and if and how that related to the number of places I visited or the weather outside.



In trying to find a simple way to articulate multiple data sets, I began looking at Zaha Hadid's architecture to understand how she seamlessly and beautifully creates complex structural forms.



Edward Tufte's book Envisioning Information that helped me add detail to clarify information, use more than just the x and y plane, and gave purpose to every element that I included in my final design.

Trial One
Trial Two
Trial Three


Quantifying my clothing data made me realize that I haven't worn some of the clothes I own for years now so I decided to create a Poshmark account to sell things that are just sitting in my closet. In this way, I'm hoping to drastically reduce the size of my closet and make room for the things that I actually wear.